Marylebone (pronounced something like Mar-le-bon) is an area of London I tend to walk through to get to other places whilst trying to avoid being run over by the sports cars of the people who can actually afford to live there.The other day I decided to go for an actual walk around its environs to see what I could find. I present to you my findings (and already found things)…

St James’s, Spanish Place, Nordic Bakery and Wallace Collection

This neo-Gothic church seems to have confusedly got lost and wandered into some Georgian streets. The presence of the church itself is linked to the earlier existence of the Spanish embassy nearby and is where the Spanish royal family reputedly attend when in London.

File:St James's Church Interior 2, Spanish Place, London, UK - Diliff.jpg

Other recommendations? – the Nordic bakery for a Sunday breakfast treat and the Wallace Collection. The Nordic bakery on New Cavendish Street is one of the few places I consider the coffee worth the money for London and the cinnamon buns are so bizarrely delicious I’ve never thought of ordering anything else there (though I probably should). Continue reading