To New Beginnings


This post is a fresh start – having begun Semper Explorandum in my first year of university, the reality of juggling an intense degree, spending months away from home on archaeological excavations and commuting to university meant that my attempts at writing were little more than sporadic. Whilst my dream career is as a travel writer/photographer, I am fundamentally a realist and education and work would always take priority over this blog.

That I’m getting a degree still astounds me especially considering I often came so close to dropping out. I fell in and out of love with my degree subject but looking back I’m proud to have written the endless essays and mattocked away in blazing heat because of the amazing friendships I’ve come away with, the people who made university worthwhile.
I had my last exam in May and began only half-heartedly job hunting, fully expecting to find some menial job to fund a Masters I don’t yet have a strong desire to do; in order to make me more employable. However, the unexpected happened and I am now currently full-time employed with regular hours and the novelty of free-time with no background pressure of constant academic deadlines for the first time in what seems like living memory.

I still doubt this blog will ever have a particularly large audience due to the saturated nature of the internet and also I sometimes struggle to write due to my hatred of the thing. The idea of platforms such as social media which often can seem to be a glorified popularity contest especially when you’re often a contented loner happily living in a real not online world, can make bothering to write blog posts seemingly an exercise in pointlessness. However, my love of travel whether in my home county, from the comfort of an armchair via the pages of a book or further afield means I am going to inflict it on the online world with the hope of inspiring people to travel more in the real one, even if it’s just learning some random facts.

And so for new beginnings, I decided on a quick redesign and am already planning more regular posts, some perhaps in a monthly series. I also intend to branch out from travel especially due to the demand of work commitments (I’m not complaining) and into more areas that interest me from medieval history and art to cooking and book/music reviews. We’ll see how it evolves.

So thank you to anyone who does finds this and reads it and I hope you feel your time hasn’t been completely wasted.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy a rejuvenated Semper Explorandum as much as I intend to enjoy writing it!


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