Netherlands Photo Diary – Day 1

Currently recovering from a 4am start from my flight and the drama of my friend missing her flight by oversleeping! Since I was no longer going to spend the day introducing said friend to  Amsterdam,  I randomly decided to jump off my train and explore unfamiliar territory – Utrecht! In the Netherlands you can basically explore any stops on the way to your destination as you pay for the distance you travel and since Utrecht was on the way to Amsterdam I thought I’d jump off and explore an unknown Dutch city.

Utrecht itself is mainly a place just to wander around and any of the major attractions were closed today as it was a Monday. Anyway, time to shut up and let the pictures talk for themselves…


The cathedral tower basically is Utrecht and is what immediately sprung to mind when I saw the stop on the train timetable. It looms in a slightly awkward but still attractive way over the stereotypically Dutch houses and canals. DSCN0544DSCN0543

My favourite area was these small side streets or Steegjes off one of the canals that were built to house poor Catholic workers in the 19th century. Each of the seven streets had an individual character; butter yellow cottages and grey houses livened up with endless flowers. Definitely my favourite spot.

These are some of my other favourite photos that just summed up the interesting details that made walking around so enjoyable – wonky lampposts, UFO sculptures – I’d have probably seen more but I only stopped off a few hours before heading on to Amsterdam. More on that later…



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  1. mariakath says:

    LOVE YOU!!! These photos are amazing – thanks for a great time!!’ Xxx


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